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    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for using the Oomph Community Forum. This isn't possible at the moment, though if you would like to request this as a feature please click here.

    You can auto play a movie using the In Page Video feature though, so a possible workaround for the time being would be to create a .mov file that has your audio file set as the audio track. You could do this using any basic video editing tool, and many are free to download from the web.

    Once you've got the file create a new layer to go in your cover folder. Set up a hotspot within that layer that links to your .mov (as per the instructions on In Page Video's). Set this layer as the very bottom layer so it won't actually be seen, but you will still hear the audio from it and this will start automatically the video, and in effect your audio, as your user opens the cover.

    As you won't be seeing the video, you can make it very small in size and compress the image quality as much as possible. That way it won't add too much "bulk" to your cover and slow down any animations or other features you have in place. You can find a few more tips on how to ensure your best content performance here.

    I hope that helps. I do strongly recommend you thoroughly test this before publishing, as it's not a supported Oomph feature.



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    We have added support for autoplay to the audio widget starting in Oomph version 21.


    Oomph Engineering

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