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    Tony Redhead

    Hi Peachy,

    Page Swaps can not be created from individual pdf pages, they need to be exported as one file named P1-1-SWP or L1-1-SWP. If you need animations to appear on different pages of the SWP then I would suggest you use Hotspot Animations for those. Wherever possible we'd recommend Hotspot Animations because it will reduce your overall file size.

    For information on Hotspot Animations take a look at the Webinar: Animating with Oomph 

    Note: you can have layered SWP's as long as they contain the same number of pages. So you could have P1-1-SWP (3 pages) and P1-2-SWP (3 pages). These work like normal layered pages and when you move from R1 to R2 then you do so on both SWP pdf's.



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