How to email an oomph file directly to a clients iPad for checking?



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    Tony Redhead

    Hi Jeff,

    Yes that is correct. If you zip the file change the file type to .oomph and attach it to the email or place it on a server where the url can be accessed.

    When the user receives the email or browses to the link it will download the .oomph file and once downloaded prompt the user to open in it Oomph.

    You can test it yourself with a small Oomph project by emailing it to yourself and opening the email on your iPad.


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    chris williams

    Hi Jeff-

    Have you seen the solution bigtincan HUB. That can render a broad variety of file formats ranging from animated PowerPoint, Video, OOMPH natively all on a single interface....AT&T, Cisco, Merck, Toyota, and tons of Small - Enterprise level clients are using the solution.

    Please email me if you would like to learn more! Here is a quick video

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