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    Tony Redhead

    Hi Bapajo,

    I hope I can help you understand a little more the process of working with Oomph.

    To develop content for Oomph all you really need are applications that can create your assets. Oomph can use and present a number of different assets such as PDF files, Image files (.jpg, .png etc), audio files (.mp3) and video files (.mov, .mp4) so all you really need are applications on your PC than can create or modify such files.

    Now InDesign is a great program to have and depending upon your projects the ideal one to create all your layouts in and export for use in Oomph. But if you have assets such as those mentioned above you may need to load some software that can help you prepare them before you place them in the InDesign document.

    So once you have InDesign on the PC and you have some content placed in your layout you are ready to go and just follow these steps.

    1. When your page in InDesign is ready to publish select 

    Note: Read this post for export information: 

    2. Create your folder structure

    Note: For information on the folder structure read this post:

    3. Sideload to Oomph Viewer via iTunes

    Note: Read this post about Sideloading:

    4. View on the iPad

    Let me know how you get on.



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    Hi Tony,


    Thanks for your explanation. It was very helpful.


    I don't have an iPad, wich makes things difficult , because i can't test the pages.


    Thanks again.





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    Tony Redhead


    Yes, unfortunately if you are on a PC and don't have an iPad you won't be able to test the files as Apple don't make a simulator for PC.



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