How do I make a video as a shared object to reduce the total space of the magazine?



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    Oomph Help Center

    The answer is yes. I've attached a sample file so you can test it out. The folder structure looks like this:


    I have one regular non-shared page, L1-1.pdf,  in the 10-Cover | VideoButton section folder. There are no hotspots or any form of interaction on this page.

    In Shared / Layers / VideoButton I have two pages L1-2 and L1-3. The L1-2 has a hotspot that fills the page and has a hyperlink "VideoObject". The L1-3 has a small hotspot that has a hyperlink "ButtonObject". Both of these pages will form layers above the L1-1.pdf page in 10-Cover because I've added the additional name " | VideoButton" to the section folder name.

    In Shared / Objects/ I've got two folders ButtonObject and VideoObject. In the ButtonObject folder is a two page pdf. The first page holds a button that says "Tap to Play" and the button has the hyperlink "Action,VideoObject,Page=2,Action,ButtonObject,Page=2,Transition=Dissolve". When this button is tapped it changes the asset in the VideoObject to show page 2 and changes the asset in ButtonObject to page 2.


    The second page holds a button that says "Tap to Stop" and the button has the hyperlink "Action,VideoObject,Page=2,Action,ButtonObject,Page=2,Transition=Dissolve". When this button is tapped it changes the asset in the VideoObject to show page 1 and changes the asset in ButtonObject to page 1 resetting everything back to the initial state.

     In the VideoObject folder are two assets. The first is a pdf, S1-1, and it's blank so that nothing shows when the page first loads, the second, S2-1 is a small sample mp4 file.

    And that's it. When you tap the button, the S2-1.mp4 page is loaded into the VideoObject container and the button asset is changed to Page 2 so the reset script is active.

    Just remember this is the same as video played in a slideshow. The video plays automatically and there are no visible controls. If you wanted the ability to pause and play the video you could create another button that did that.

    If you have any questions please post them here.


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    Oomph Help Center

    See attached file.

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    Jack McGrath

    You can also share videos from any section folder to another. Note that this will only work for full screen videos.

    Here is how...

    If for example, you have a full screen video [] in the section folder "20-Contents" you can share that video with any other section folder in your bundle. To do this all you need to do is reference the section name in the V1 hotspot. When you are creating a page for a different section, let's say "50-Feature" you can link the video from "20-Contents" by creating your V1 hotspot like this "VContents-1"

    If you want to be extra tricky, you can put a as an object layer and then share that to create the illusion of an in page video.


    Hope that helps,



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