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    Tony Redhead

    Hi Jo,

    If you create a folder in Shared/Layers and name it default it automatically applies whatever pages are in there to every section in your project without you having to add the the shared identifier “ | Default”

    There are a couple of caveats. At the moment only L1-1.pdf and P1-1 assets are recognised as defaults. So you can’t have a default L1-3 or P1-4 layer.

    If you have a P1-1 or L1-1 asset in a section folder it will take precedence over the default asset.

    If you have P1-2 or L1-2 assets they will be displayed above the default asset.

    It’s handy if you are building a Landscape only app and want a page in the portrait view that prompts people to rotate the iPad.

    In the sample I’ve attached you can see that 10-Page1 has both a P1-1.pdf so the default P1-1 assets doesn’t show.

    In 20-Page2 there is only a P1-2.pdf so the default P1-1 asset does show.

    As there are no L1-1 pages in any folder the default L1-1 is shown for all sections.


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    Tony Redhead

    Jo came back with....

    The only thing is that I only want the 'default' page to appear when I 
    actually click on a specific page link on my page (i.e: so the button links 
    to P2,P3,P4 etc). Then it will go to a page which says 'view unavailable, 
    please rotate'. I need to do this so that when I rotate it, it needs to go 
    back to the landscape version of that page (i.e.: L2, L3, L4 etc). Does that 
    make sense?

    So, I'm thinking this won't work, as the page link would need to got to P1-1 
    I assume? It just means I end up having about 40 pages (labelled P1, P2, P3 
    etc..) all with exactly the same artwork. I'm assuming the next best option 
    would be to just make them blank pages and link an image from my shared 
    asset folder?

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    Tony Redhead

    Hi Jo,

    Woohoo, I didn't know if it would work or not but it does. You can have a default page appear as long as it's of the naming convention P2-1, P3-1 etc it can't be P2-2 or P2-3.

    In the example I've attached the structure is as follows:



    P1-1.pdf has a button to jump to P1-2 but there is no page in the section folder so it will use the Default P2-1.pdf (which says rotate)

    20-Page2 (is structured the same as 10)


    P2-1.pdf (this page says rotate)

    I think this is what you are after.



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