Shared Assets as PopUp's?



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    Tony Redhead

    Hi Karim,

    I'll try to be gentle but you are moving into some advanced Oomph features very quickly :-)

    Okay, Shared Assets are the way to go if you have a requirement, within your project, to present the same asset on a number of pages and don’t want to have to include a version of that asset in each section.

    In regard to creating areas of content triggered by buttons. I think the best solution for you is to use Action Hotspots to achieve what you want.

    I’d recommend you check out a couple of my videos. The first is “Action Hotspots - Tabbed Reveal” and let me know if something like that would work for you.

    If you want to go a bit further I’d suggest looking at the recorded webinar “Richer Activity using Action Hotspots”

    With the solutions featured in both of these videos you can apply Shared Assets to them.



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    Sorry for the slow response Tony. Up to my eye balls in Oomph. After following your advice and getting the shared assets to work correctly I discovered to my dismay Shared assets don't work on our platform. We are using a plug-in of Oomph within a CMS. It seems to be a little behind the update cycle and certain features are not supported anyway.

    Action hotspots worked perfectly for me. Tinkering with multiple actions performed with them now. Much fun.

    I found a workaround which is fine for smaller projects. I've built a simple splash screen "10-Contents" then the rest of the project into a single section. A L1-1.pdf with the common elements with an Object1 sitting over the top. Navigation is done by swapping the contents of the Object1 with a series of S1-1.pdf's. This way all of the assets are accessible from the same "page." No Shared Assets required.

    Thanks again,


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