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    Every Oomph app has a default content version, which corresponds with a major version release of the platform.

    As Oomph July supports all legacy naming conventions, you should not have to label your data as Oomph March, but if your content is Oomph May or below you will need to mark your content as such.

    There are two options on how to do this:

    Option 1

    Rename the zip file that you sideload into your QA app with a version number appended to the end of it e.g. - Oomph May - Oomph March and lower - "Oomph 2010"
    Option 2

    Two finger tap on the screen to bring up the settings page.

    Tap on 'Settings'.

    Tap on 'Mag Data Version'.

    Choose which version you wish to use.

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