How do we disable the elastic swipe animation from a single frame slideshow?



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    I should mention that we are using an Object to acheive the slideshow behaviour, not a Slideshow persay.

    Is anyone able to help us out?  We're working toward a presentation in Oomph Viewer in the next 24 hours and it would be great if we could resolve or work around this issue before we go ahead.

    Much apprecaited and many thanks.

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    Tony Redhead

    Hi Matthew,

    Just to follow up on the conversation we had regarding the issue you have documented in the forum, I thought it might be a good idea to explain it, in case other people are wondering about it.

    To simplify it down, basically what we're talking about is an HTML page presented inside Oomph viewer as, for example, P1–1.html. Inside this HTML page is a div containing a block of content that extends beyond the boundary of the div. The div itself has an overflow setting of auto. What this means is that any content that extends beyond the boundaries of the div when viewed in a browser or on an iPad can be scrolled to reveal the content currently hidden.

    When viewed in a browser horizontal and vertical scroll bars are displayed, dependant upon whether or not the content extends both to the right of the div and below the div. On the iPad the scrollbars aren't displayed and you can simply pan around the content by tapping and dragging.


    Example of a div in a web page and the same thing viewed on the ipad.

    What happens though, and this is the issue, when the hidden content is fully revealed and the user keeps dragging on that content the underlying page itself starts to move in the direction of the drag.


    Example of the underlying page moving in the direction of the drag.

    I've tested this on Oomph, and you'll find my sample file you can download, I also tested it on a number of other digital publishing solutions for the iPad and the actions are similar across the board.


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