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    Tony Redhead

    Hi AJ,

    Sorry you are having trouble getting your shared assets to function correctly I hope I can help you resolve this issue.

    I've read through what you are trying to do and I'm not quite sure of I fully understand exactly what you're after but I think we can simplify down to just requiring one shared asset, an object that contains a single footer file. I've created a set of sample files (Oomph pages & InDesign) and attached them to this response and hopefully this is what you're looking for. I've created 2 section folders article one and article two, in each folder is a P1 and P2 PDF file. I've created a shared folder and inside that shared folder is objects folder, inside which is a folder called “MyFooter”. Inside this folder is an S1–1.pdf

    This screengrab shows one of the P1 pages [there are 4 of them] and the single S1 page.


    The P1 pages have a field at the bottom of the page with a hyperlinked “MyFooter”. So whenever one of these pages is called it looks in shared/objects for a folder called “MyFooter” and loads whatever PDF is in there.


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