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    Oomph Support

    Hi Paul,

    Yes that's certainly possible. The simplest way to achieve that would be to add a Fullscreen Slideshow hotspot (S1, S2 etc) to each logo. Then create your Slideshow folders and name them (S1, S2 etc) to match the hotspots.

    Now you can populate those folders with all your assets. For example you may have an image file .jpg or .png, you would call that S1-1.jpg/png the next slide may be a .pdf file you would name that S2-1.pdf. If you add in movie and name it etc then when that slide comes to the screen the movie will play automatically.

    If you want the user to activate the movie then you would create a slide with an IPV hotspot in it.

    I've attached a sample file you can look at that has 4 coloured squares. Each one calls a fullscreen slideshow. Slideshow 2 (top right) has two pages, the first is a coloured .png file, the second a .pdf with an IPV1 hotspot that calls the ipv1.mp4 video in the root folder.

    Note if you tap on the video when it's playing you can view it fullscreen. Note: there is a bug in the current Oomph Viewer that causes the video to stop playing if it's shown fullscreen in a fullscreen slideshow. It is fixed in Version 21.0.1 so make sure you use that build.

    I hope that helps, let me know how you get on.



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    Paul Liddell

    Thanks Tony!

    That worked perfectly.

    Your example provided was a real help.



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