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    This is possible, you will have to modify the .anim files again for this; To achieve this you will have two files, named however you like but for explanation purposes I will call them CenterToLeft and CenterToRight. The type that you would be modifying would be Center. The from value should be 0.0,0.0 and you change the 'To' value to - values for the CenterToLeft file, and the 'To' value to + values for the CenterToRight file.

    "animations": [
    "duration": 1,
    "delay": 0,
    "options": "",
    "type": "center",
    "from": "{0.0,0.0}",
    "to": "{-width,0.0}",
    "completion": ""

    The above is an example of CenterToLeft. You can see that we used "-width" keyword here, you could also specify this in pixels if you wished.

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