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    There are a few things to consider when deciding on what to name your app:

    • it's important to choose a name that will matches what customers see on the App Store and how it appears on their device
    • if you choose a name that is simple and easy to remember, it will yield more successful search results


    As an example, a name such as Touch Fighter is probably easier for your customers to remember than Touch Fighter V2iPhone Touch Fighter or Touch Fighter Extreme Action.

    Spend some time choosing a name and check what family, friends or workmates think as well - their feedback will be really helpful. 

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    Tony Redhead

    Whatever you do don't put iPhone, iPad etc into the name as Apple will reject it out of hand. I know from personal experience. Also don't use words like book, scrapbook anything with book in it as Apple may tell you to submit it as an iBook.


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    Tony Redhead

    Okay, here's another tip. Don't put strange characters into your "On Device Name" in Publish. I had renamed my app to Red 360˙ and all of a sudden builds started showing weird bugs like content loading into popup hotspots, card flips not flipping etc. Turns out the character for the degree was causing all of the problems.

    So now it's name Red 360 and all is working.

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