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    Keywords are one of the few ways that your applications are searched by in the App store. You are limited to 100 characters so it is important to get these right. Keywords are provided in a comma separated group of words e.g. magazine,reader,pdf,digital publishing. As they are counted by characters, this means that even spaces are counted towards your limit, so try to provide keywords with no spaces after the comma for example.

    The following are just some tips we think will send you on the right track:

    • Your application is searched via the keywords, application name and the developer name. This means that if your application is called Oomph Viewer for example, there is no need to put Oomph,Viewer in the keywords
    • Keywords are best kept to single words where possible, this removes the need to repeat words e.g. Oomph digital publishing,Oomph reader,Oomph. This would function better as digital publishing,reader,Oomph
    • If you have a brand name that users frequently misspell, it would be beneficial to include the misspelled version in the keywords e.g. digital publishing,reader,Oompf
    • It may be the case that you are publishing your application under another developer account, and you do not want to put your company name in the app name, in this case you could put them in the key words i.e. you publish your application under Mogeneration, your app name is 'Smart Design and Art', and your company name is 'DesignCo'. To your users you would be widely known by your company name, and they would not be able to guess your app name while searching for it, in this case you would put 'DesignCo' into your keywords.
    • Another tip is to be aware of what your application/content provides and choose relevant keywords. An app that is all about pizza should not list keywords about steak. However you may want to mention calzones (as they are similar to pizzas)
    • When you release your application you choose two categories, from sport to entertainment or travel etc (inc Newsstand). These categories should also be thought about when choosing keywords. You want your application to be found over other applications in the same category, so these categories should be a helpful indicator for what your users will be after.

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