Update: Hyperlink Bug in InDesign CS6




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    It would be nice to have a link to the script file - it's not entirely obvious in the Adobe Forum which code to use or even how to make it into a script which ID can work with.

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    As a follow up here is the script, cut and paste the text below to a Text Editor, save with an appropriate name and copy the file to the Indesign Scripts folder. If you assign it a short cut key as Tony suggests in in his Webinar, it makes life a lot easier. Thanks Tony (and Uwe Laubender).




    //DESCRIPTION:Decodes all hyperlink destination URLs and names; can be undone in one go!

    //Uwe Laubender


    * @@@BUILDINFO@@@ DecodeURI_AllHyperlinks_DestinationURL_Name.jsx !Version! Mon Jun 04 2012 14:48:49 GMT+0200


    app.scriptPreferences.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevels.interactWithAll;

    app.doScript(_DecodeURI_AllHyperlinks_DestinationURL_Name, ScriptLanguage.JAVASCRIPT, [], UndoModes.ENTIRE_SCRIPT, "Decode all hyperlink URLs and names");

    function _DecodeURI_AllHyperlinks_DestinationURL_Name(){

    var d = app.documents[0];

    var allHyperlinks = d.hyperlinks;

    for(var n=0;n<allHyperlinks.length;n++){

    var newDestURL = decodeURI(allHyperlinks[n].destination.destinationURL);

    var newDestName = decodeURI(allHyperlinks[n].destination.name);

    allHyperlinks[n].destination.destinationURL = newDestURL;


    allHyperlinks[n].destination.name = newDestName;



    }; //END function "_DecodeURI_AllHyperlinks_DestinationURL_Name()"

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    Oomph Help Center

    Hi Nick, 

    Thanks for making that suggestion. We've added the decoding scrip as an attachment to the article.

    Oomph Support 

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    Oomph Support

    Just an update on the InDesign bug, as of Version 9.1 of InDesign CC the hyperlink bug has been fixed and hyperlinks are now working properly.

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    UPDATE 30/5/14: Adobe has released a version update, 8.0.3 for CS6, that fixes the bug. You can download the updater for Macintosh here http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=31&platform=Macintosh

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    Hi, I had a look at the link but there is only a version 8.0.2, I couldn't find version 8.0.3, Could please confirm which one has the fixed bug?



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    Isabel Zuluaga

    Hi Camila, 

    The fixed bug should be in the latest versions of InDesign, so you just need to update InDesign to the latest to receive the change.

    Oomph Support

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    Hi Camila,

    I'm not sure why 8.0.3 isn't showing up in the Adobe list anymore it was there when I posted the link and there is a screengrab on the InDesign forums showing it on the list.

    However the release notes for 8.0.2, under Resolved Issues, state,

    • When creating hyperlinks, a few special characters such as '?', '=' in the hyperlinks are converted to invalid characters making the hyperlink fail in the PDF export. [3588280]

    I just checked my version of InDesign CS6 and it was at 8.0.2 and the hyperlinks were working. So I'd go ahead and update to that version from the Adobe site.

    If that doesn't work I did find a download link on an non-Adobe site http://www.ctrlprint.net/all-adobe-has-released-updates-for-indesign-and-incopy-cs6/ where, on the 12th of December 2013 they posted a link to an 8.0.3.dmg that is hosted off their site. Caveat: use this file at your own discretion.


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